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We will be providing further information about it all here, but if you have any questions about the accounts please do contact the Clerk or Chairman



Download the Notice

The Notice  includes the External Auditor's Report and Certificate of Completion of Review of  the Annual Return for the Council's Accounts and related documents for the Year Ended 2017.  

The Governance Statement and the Accounting Statements for Combroke Parish

Council's Annual Return 2016-17  can be downloaded here:  



Declaration of the status of the Council's Accounts can be downloaded here:


This  next section provides further information about the 2016-17 accounts: 

At the meeting on 11 July 2016 the Parish Council reviewed and adopted revised  Financial Regulations 2016:     Download

At its meeting on 21 November 2016  The Parish Council received the Half Year Finance Report 2016/17.  Cllr Tim Goodhead reported that he had scrutinised the half yearly accounts. There were no variances to report. Both the reconciliation and corresponding bank statements have been initialled / signed as evidence of verification. 

At the Annual Meeting of the Council on 15 May 2017 , Members of the Council examined  the Summary Accounts 2016-17 and noted the Annual Internal Audit Report 2016-17.   The Summary Accounts 2016-17 were approved.  

The Council then considered  and  approved its Annual Governance Statement 2016-17 and then examined and 
approved the Accounting Statements 2017 to be submitted to the National Audit.  ( carried out by Grant Thornton UK  LLP)    

You can look at the Summary Accounts 2016-17  here:  Download

The Council is very grateful to Felicity Bostock who has been willing to act as our Internal Auditor.  You can view the Annual Internal Audit Report 2016-17  click here

To look at the Accounts for 2015-16 go to the  Finance 2015-16 PAGE