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IT'S  ON    ....21 st Century Telecoms has ARRIVED in Combroke!

Internet Service Providers are now  taking orders for a  Fibre Broadband connection  available at the cabinet in Combrook   ........   

After learning at the end of May that completion was not expected until August, the news was a welcome surprise on the weekend 16/17 June!
There was a problem affecting about 25% of households in the Village whose phone lines were unable to access and order the fibre service at the cabinet.   Wwe think this is now sorted You can find more details on our Broadband Update page ..... 

Village Hall Tidy Up  with help from a  good number of residents on Saturday 2nd June our village hall is looking  well cared for inside and out !  MANY THANKS to everyone who gave a hand;  and
SPECIAL THANKS to the Village Hall Committee for all they do. 

AND,  the New Gateway on the Leys

Not many residents will have missed the completed  "gateway"  at our "east  entrance" to the village.............
Still some tidying up to do,  but you will get the picture:

Our  "new" field gate to the Leys  is an original metal Victorian field gate in the "estate" style to complement the original estate fencing to the Leys.   The field gate, from a north Cotswolds farm, has been carefully restored and hopefully will be good for another 150 years. The pedestrian gate has been fabricated in the same style.  The design includes a latchpost, installed between the two gates so that when both gates are open the post can be removed to widen the opening for larger tractors etc.
The section of fencing was kindly donated by the Franck-Steier family.

The field gate will be kept padlocked but the pedestrian gate is open to provide a "permitted access" on foot, for residents and visitors.  

Birdy Blacksmiths completed the installation having carried out the gate restoration, design and fabrication of the pedestrian gate, and the refurbishment of the fencing -all done in the forge at Lower Brailes. The Forge  is thought to be amongst the oldest working forges in the country.  Birdy is a traditional blacksmith using traditional methods......and he left his special maker's mark on his work  ......just a small spot the snail... challenge! 

Thursday Mornings @ the Village Hall
11.00 - 12.15   

If you are around on any Thursday mornings why not walk along to our Village Hall? .......We’ll have some tea/coffee /biscuits /fruit juice …… pop in for a few minutes!….or stay for a chat! ….

if you are caring for children /grandchildren bring them along -we have a toy box, play rug & highchair  ….         ALL welcome!… 

.......Every   Thursday ......   

see you there!....

WOW and the SUN came OUT  in style  on the Sunday of May Bank Holiday weekend to celebrate Combrook  Cream Teas , Flower Festival, Arts and Crafts
What a fabulous day.  MANY THANKS to all those involved in making it happen.                                                     COMBROKE AT ITS BEST  

Combrook Apple Pressing !      
 We are leaving the 2016 video on the front page. 
 THANKS as always to Jim for bringing the kit together                            NOW watch the video!  

Apple Pressing -the video