Broadband Availability Checker 

Check the availability of  broadband services that can be activated on a phone line using  BT's broadband availability checker.

The exception will be if BT does not recognise the phone number because the line is being managed by another Service Provider. The majority of phone lines are still managed by BT Openreach, even if another Service Provider is now managing the Customer Service to the line.

Go to the BT Broadband Availability Checker website  and submit the phone number to be checked then wait for the data table to be loaded

If the two Fibre to the Cabinet rows are present, as shown below, then the line is ready for a broadband fibre connection at the cabinet, which can be ordered through an Internet Service Provider of your choice.

In the example  above  the top two rows provide data about the likely download  (or 'downsteam ")   and upload
(or 'upstream') speeds that can be achieved with FTTC

  • Assuming the telephone line to the cabinet is in  good condition  or   "clean"   i.e it is free from any wiring issues,  then                 this line is likely to achieve download speeds between   55 - 77.4  Mbps.
  • If the line might  have some wiring problems  or "impacted"   e.g. there may be poor extension wiring,  then this will affect the  performance so download speeds  are expected to be  between 40  - 67.1 Mbps  

download spead is  the rate at which data is delivered to  a  computer  from the internet 
upload speed is the rate  at which data is sent  from a computer to the internet

Ordering a fibre broadband service 
If the results from the BT Broadband Availability Checker show that fibre broadband is available  (FTTC), you won’t get it automatically. You need to sign-up to a fibre broadband package from an Internet Service Provider of your choosing.