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As part of the Leys Project we are bringing our history notes to the web
The Ley Field History Group

In 2013 the village of Combrook bought the Leys Field. The funds were raised with enthusiastic and generous support from across the village residents and a significant grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Since the purchase we have had a number of field related activities, including flora and fauna surveys, work groups,  arts & crafts group projects, seen that trails, our local butterflies talk and walk ........  and this project: the Leys History Group.

We set out to record oral histories and develop a deeper understanding of the historical importance of the field. This has taken us off in all directions:

  • Interviews with local residents
  • Photographs
  • Maps 
  • Title deeds
  • Web based research
  • County and Shakespeare Birthplace Trust records

It has become a history of Combroke and this is work in progress.
Your comments on work done  so far and suggestions are very welcome