Regulations introduced in 2018 provide the option for smaller authorities with income and expenditure both less than £25,000 to consider if they meet the requirements to complete a Certificate of Exemption. This exempts such authorities from the Audit Review previously required and carried out by nationally appointed auditors and which was at no cost to very small authorities. The new regime requires such small authorities to either exempt themselves or bear the cost of an Audit Review.

Notice of Period for the Exercise of Public Rights
Click Here for the Notice
The period for Exercise of Public Rights was 25 June - 5 August 2019

The Notice

  • explained that the Annual Governance and Accountability Return would not be reviewed by the nationally appointed Auditor since as a Smaller Authority the Parish Council was able to complete a Certificate of Exemption;
  • described how any person interested may examine the Parish Council's Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) and had the right to inspect the accounting records for 2018-19. The notice provided the detail of this process; AND
  • confirmed the arrangements for any Local Elector to question the appointed Auditor about the accounting record ~this had to be done during the period for the exercise of such rights - i.e between 25 June - 5 August 2019;
  • provided a summary of  rights on page 2 and 3 of the notice.

For the Certificate of Exemption 2018-19:     CLICK HERE

For the Annual Internal Audit Report 2018-19:    CLICK HERE

For The Governance Statement and the Accounting Statements for the Annual Governance Accountability Return 2018-19 CLICK HERE
The above Accounting Statements include summary data from the Parish Council's Accounts and compares the figures for the year 2018-19 with the previous year 2017-18. Where the variance between the two figures for each year is greater than 15% then an explanation for the variance is required. Also a bank reconciliation is required to show the funds held by the Parish Council at 31 March 2019.
Find the bank reconciliation and analysis of variance HERE

This next section provides further information about the 2018-19 accounts:

At the annual meeting on 8 May 2018 the Parish Council considered the Financial Regulations, these had been fully reviewed and revised in 2016 - see the Finance 2016-17 Page.   It was agreed the regulations be approved for 2018-19.

At its meeting on 20 November 2018 The Parish Council received the Half Year Finance Report 2018/19. Cllr Tim Goodhead reported that he had scrutinised the half yearly accounts. There were no variances to report. Both the reconciliation and corresponding bank statements have been initialled / signed as evidence of verification.

At the meeting on 22 January 2019 the budget and precept for 2019-20 were considered and a precept increase of 3.5% was approved.

At the Annual Meeting of the Council on 13 May 2019 Members of the Council examined the Summary Accounts 2018-19 and these were approved. The Council considered the audit arrangements for smaller Authorties, read and then approved that the Certificate of Exemption be signed and submitted to the appointed Auditor, PKF Littlejohn LLP.

Members considered the Annual Governance Statement and approved it. Then Members examined the Accounting Statements and approved them.

You can look at the Summary Accounts 2018-19: Click Here