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Unique scrapbook marks VE Day 2020 

So along with the nation, Combrook marked VE day from our homes in May 2020.......   But that did n't stop us celebrating 'together'  even though we were apart.. ..... the entire village was invited to take a picnic in their gardens for an hour at lunch time - with  music broadcast out along the centre of the valley.....  and yes,  there was an across garden  sing along echoing over the village ......  & the sun was shining. 
Beforehand that morning,  we had the photoshoot.....  
Villagers were invited to participate in a VE Day doorstep photograph. With each photograph taken to observe the strict social distancing required of us in May 2020   ~but with a  zoom lense there are some fabulous pics....   There are a few copies of this book left @ £25    with all profits to the Church Restoration Fund - contact Leigh Evetts    
 21x 21cm  44 pages in full colour)  

The Leys    Spring 2020 photo images taken in the Leys by Stephen Bates  
Click on the photo image to enlarge and enjoy!    
.......and now enjoy some more at the gallery on the new webpage: The Leys 2020  

If you have a high temperature or a new, continuous cough or anosmia,  which is a loss of normal sense of smeall/taste,  follow the advice, HERE,   on the NHS website, updated daily.
28/05: If you think you might have coronavirus, the NHS website provides guidance to get a test.  You must follow the guidance.

Find guidance for households on COVID -19 isolation  HERE

28/05: NHS Test & Trace initiative means those who have been in close contact with someone who tests positive must isolate for 14 days, even if they have no symptom

NHS Test & Trace will trace and notify close recent contacts.   Read how it works   HERE
You can read the guidance for contacts HERE   

We are ALL  asked to
stop close social contact and practise
             Social Distancing  (Staying Alert & Safe)

From 28/05 We are now at the next stage of the Strategy, presented to Parliament on 11/05  - the 60 page document is available  HERE.
23/06  read the Prime Minister's Statement  to Parliament
These latest measures apply to England.    Refer separate advice for Scotland; Wales and Northern Ireland

31 July announcement:  introducing some adjustments to the roadmap to recovery   ~ read it HERE  

Meeting with People from Outside your Household 
>  You can spend time outdoors –including private gardens
     and other outdoor spaces, in groups of up to six people,
     from different households, following social distancing
>   Single adult households – in other words adults who live alone or
     with dependent children only – can form an exclusive ‘support
     bubble'** with one other household
>   Two households of any size, including their support bubble, may
      meet in any setting, inside or  out.. - & they need not always be
      the same two households each time.
>   Also people may stay overnight in self-contained
     accommodation, including hotels and B&Bs.
However you should, wherever possible, socially distance from people you do not live with or who are not in your support bubble** and take particular care to maintain excellent hygiene - washing hands and surfaces. READ the full Guidance HERE.

**All those in a support bubble will be able to act as if they live in the same household - meet together as a 'household' group outside and in either of the two homes, including staying overnight.

You must NOT
> socialise outdoors in a group of more than six people from
   different households; gatherings larger than six should only take
   place if everyone is  exclusively from two households or
   support bubbles;
> socialise indoors in groups of more than two households (anyone
   in your support bubble counts as one household) – this includes
   when dining out or going to the pub
> interact socially with anyone outside the group you are attending
   a place with, even if you see other people you know, for example,
   in a restaurant, community centre or place of worship
> hold or attend celebrations (such as parties) where it is difficult to
   maintain social distancing, besides small wedding celebrations as
   outlined above
> stay overnight away from your home with members of more than
   one other household (your support bubble counts as one

From 4th July the 2-metre social distancing rule changed:  
>  Where it is possible to keep 2 metres apart people should.
>  But, where it is not, people are advised to keep a social
    distance  of 'one metre plus' . Meaning they should
    remain 1 metre apart, while taking mitigations to reduce the
    risk of transmission

23/06: The Prime Minister explained in his statement,  'There is one certainty: the fewer social contacts you have, the safer you will be.............Our principle is to trust the British public to use their common sense in the full knowledge of the risks'

>  Read the latest updated FAQs  HERE

 Guidance for Social Distancing (Staying Alert & Safe) is updated
>  Read the Guidance from 4th July HERE

We are all now required to cover our face (mouth and nose)  in enclosed spaces  -such as shops, trains, buses-
   ~from 15th June you must do so on public transport~ 
   ~and in shops and supermarkets and shopping centres and including take away from cafes  as of 24 July 
23/07:  Read updated advice about face coverings  HERE  also about the legitimate reasons not to wear or to remove a face covering.  Find the guidance on how to wear and make one  HERE  
 this is not a replacement for social distancing &  
the public is urged not to buy medical grade masks.

From 4th July most leisure facilities and tourist attractions are open if they can do so safely  ~including restaurants and pubs.  
Places of worship will are open for prayer and services-  
including weddings with a maximum of 30 people.  

From Saturday 25 July,  more businesses and venues will be open to the public. This will include swimming pools and water parks, indoor fitness and dance studios, gyms and sport courts.
People should check in advance that venues, outdoor places and attractions are prepared for visitors.

Read the latest update on Access to Green Spaces HERE

We all have responsibility to Stay Safe Outside our Homes

The more people we have interactions with, the more chances we give the virus to spread. When outside:
  • Keep your distance from people outside your Household Group;
  • Avoid face-to-face with people outside your household  (or bubble)  ~you can lower risk if you stay side by side;
  • Wash your hands regulary and avoid touching your face;
  • Keep indoor places well ventilated;
  • Avoid crowded spaces;
  ~  Read all 12  updated (24/06) principles in more detail HERE

If you or someone in your household or, your support bubble (if applicable) is showing coronavirus symptoms, everyone in your support bubble should stay at home. See guidance HERE

People who are aged 70 or older, or under 70 with an underlying health condition and women who are pregnant are advised to continue to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside their household.

Shielding:   Updated 23/06  advice on Shielding Measures can be accessed HERE .......People shielding  are advised to continue shielding to keep themselves safe and avoiding gatherings,  but  may choose to spend time outdoors.  This can be with members of their own household, or if they live alone they can spend time outdoors with one person from another household,  taking extra care to minimise contact with others by keeping 2 metres apart.

From 6 July  further relaxations are suggested (refer updated advice).   Also unless there is  a significant rise in Covid cases it is expected the shielding programme will be paused on 31 July.   People may return to Covid-safe work but should maintain strict social distancing if outside the home (refer updated advice) 

From 23 /06  we are all asked to follow the guidance on social contact.   The police and other relevant authorities have the powers to disperse gatherings where people do not comply. and the powers to enforce face covering measures, including through issuing a fine of £100. 

  • Until 1 August, people who can work from home should continue to do so. 
  • From 1 August, it will be at the discretion of employers as to how staff can continue working safely. Working from home is one way to do this, but workplaces can also be made safe by following COVID-19 Secure guidelines. Your employer should consult with you on how you can work safely, and must ensure workplaces are safe if they are asking you to return, as above. 
  • Access General Guidance for employers, employees and self employed to work safely during the Covid 19 pandemic  HERE  
  • Access more detailed guides covering types of workplace HERE

You can access all Government advice with the latest information addressing wider issues, such as employment and financial support, and further measures on the Government website HERE

Pet owners and livestock keepers read advice

How to Help Safely   If you want and are able to help others then read the Guidance  How to Help Safely

As updated 10/08 there were 2,634 lab-confirmed cases in Warwickshire; 311,641 
lab-confirmed cases across the UK

Stratford on Avon District Council  
Find Updates on Local Services on the SDC Coronavirus Information webpage HERE with advice, and guidance including links to other sites. For example, helpful advice on managing personal waste disposal when there are potentially contaminated waste items.

Warwickshire County Council 

provides Updates on Local Services on their Coronavirus Information webpage HERE with advice, and guidance including links to other sites.  

  • If a family is entitled to free school lunches for their children they can call Warwickshire Welfare   – 0800 4081448 -  for 6 weeks of support for food.

  • Household waste  Recycling Centres are closed. From Monday 18th May 2020 pre-booked slots for essential visits only will be available at the larger sites ~check HERE .  Waste that cannot be accepted at kerbside, such as bulky items, chemicals, oils,  or any waste not ordinarily accepted in your wheeled bins, should be stored until such time as the recycling centres can safely re-open.

  • NEW  28/04  Warwickshire Trading Standards Warning :   ROGUE  RUBBISH COLLECTORS   please do not inadvertently contribute to the problem of fly tipping by employing unlicensed operators.   If items are flytipped and traced back to a householder, then the householder risks prosecution. 

  • All Libraries are closed and the Mobile Library Service is also suspended  (fines will be waived )  Home Library Service is still available  and will continue for as long as possible.      But if you have n't used it yet, now might be the time to delve into the  online service   eBooks with eAudio  from Borrowbox,   eMagazines from RB Digital, eNewspapers,    Naxos Classical Music Library........and more....

Support for Businesses /Self Employed
For the latest Government information on how to access the support that has been made available, who is eligible, when the schemes open and how to apply go to  the Busines Support Website HERE


*****Covid 19 Update:We are re-opened in the Village Hall Grounds  social distancing will apply *****

Thursday Mornings @ the Village Hall
11.00 - 12.15   

If you are around on any Thursday mornings why not walk along to our Village Hall? .......We’ll have some tea/coffee /biscuits /fruit juice …… pop in for a few minutes!….or stay for a chat! ….

if you are caring for children /grandchildren bring them along -we have a toy box, play rug & highchair  ….         ALL welcome!… 

.......Every   Thursday ......   

see you there!....

New Phishing Scam Reporting Tool Launched  The National Cyber Security Centre has announced the launch of a central email address which can be used to report phishing email scams.
Phishing email scams have been around for a very long time,  but the fraudsters who send them often use current events such as COVID-19 to make them appear genuine. Download advice about latest scams and how to report them.

The Green Garden Waste Bin Collection 

Proposed Change is now DEFERRED to at least 1 March 2021

In the booklet accompanying the 2020 Council Tax Demand1 letter,  that arrived in the March,  information about a change to the Green Bin garden waste collection was announced on page 18 followed by the 4 page Pull-Out Guide with collection day calendars and general guide to recycling.
  • The garden waste collection is a discretionary service and it was a budgetary decision earlier in the year by the District Council to restructure garden waste collection as a chargeable (£40 p/a) service from 1 June, to which residents would need to subscribe. 

Following an Extraordinary Meeting of the District Council this is now deferred until at least March 2021
You can find further information on the District Council's website.
1The current situation is that,
  • financial support is available for those struggling to pay their council tax bill;   update :24/3/20  Gov : £500m hardship fund to provide Council Tax Relief for vunerable households 
  • the District Council does not have the legal power to suspend Council Tax or Business Rates. It is still legally required to issue annual Council Tax Bills at this point, although it is understood that the timing of receiving a Council Tax bill now, may cause further concern to those in immediate financial difficulties. 
  • all legal and any other enforcement action to recover unpaid council tax or business rates has been suspended.
  • Business Support - refer above section


So, we had a GREAT
Combroke Climate Change Club Meeting on the 8th March

First, we learnt lots of interesting  (and challenging!) stuff and swapped ideas, it was 

   ......have you checked your footprint yet?  ...why not try the WWT Questionnaire

Then,  we enjoyed a fabulous talk and discussion about electric cars and other possibilities to  reduce our vehicular footprint

With MANY THANKS to the  Connah Family Inc. .. and... Oh yes.... the tea and cake was luscious ...

To find out more about Combroke Climate Change Club  go to our CCCC webpage   

A good number attended the Defibrillator Session in  the Village Hall  ......
 With MANY THANKS to the Ettington First Responders Team,  for delivering the session  - but also for encouraging and supporting the Village to set up a Public Access Defibrilator on the outside porch of the Village Hall.    

It was good to see how it worked,   but if you missed the event,   the first thing we learnt is that anyone can use it  -without any training:  
In the case of responding to an emergency,  that all important phone call to the emergency services will not only arrange the despatch of an ambulance and locate any available first responder team,  but also provide advice to use the public defibrillalator, if deemed relevant  -and the caller will be given the code to unlock the cabinet to take the bag with the defibrillator unit.  
When the unit is opened beside the patient,  automatic pre-recorded step by step instructions will start,  these will guide through what to do next,  with the machine checking each step along the way....  the machine's sensors in  the pads which are attached to the patient will check if it is OK to apply a defibrillation ...... 
But .............it WAS very good to see how it all worked and have the reminder of basic first aid response .....   
.........AND  Many Thanks to the VH Committee for arranging the event and providing refreshments.


On Sunday 12th January in the Church .........

It was an unmissable evening of show stopping solos and roof raising ensemble numbers.

[well actually, we were careful with the roof.........it is in need of some tender care and our support..] 

With MANY MANY THANKS to Leigh and everyone involved - the FANTASTIC

performers.....  and lots of others helping out in all sorts of ways  ........and with

ALL proceeds going towards the restoration and preservation of Combroke Church....we

have made a  BRILLIANT start, in more ways than one, to the major fundraise ahead of us.   

A first or may be thirst? 

......with a fully licensed bar at the rear .............

Mobile Library is calling at Combrook !   
Some longstanding residents may remember the days when Combrook last had a regular visit from the  County  Mobile Library Service .......  Well it has returned again to visit Combrook!
Have you dropped in yet?   
 ..... next    ~ SORRY CANCELLED  - it will be back !
and every third Thursday  14.35 - 15.05  parked up adjacent the Church     
     the Mobile Library in Combrook   
so see you then !    
lets use it    or we might lose it again !   

AND,  the BENCH on the Leys

Not many residents will have missed the new bench    at our  "woodland entrance" to the village.............    
.......a very fine solid rustic bench in English Oak .... you will get the picture:

The bench was grant funded by the Village Hall Committee  in response to suggestions that it would be nice to have some seating  up there .... ......                with thanks to Hazel who did all the arangements,   in particular,   finding Compton Hardwoods who made and installed ...                                                                             .......a  great place to take a rest...  and enjoy the world......

Combrook Apple Pressing !         
 We are leaving the 2016 video on the front page. 
 THANKS as always to Jim for bringing the kit together                            NOW watch the video!  

Apple Pressing -the video