introduction to the Leys

The Leys Field is situated on the North East side of the village of Combrook. A moderately steep South West facing sloping field now of 4.4 acres bounded by:

  • The road from Combrook to Kineton on its Eastern edge
  • The wood, The Rides, on its Northern edge
  • Properties on the cul de sac leading from the church on its Western and Southern edges

The field is now designated as a Local Wildlife Site. Much of it consists of "calcareous semi-improved grassland" with over 120 species of plants recorded over the last three years, including an unusual number of county notable or uncommon plants. The field also supports good populations of invertebrates particularly butterflies and grass hoppers.

The marked ridge and furrow patterns in the field indicate that it has long been under permanent pasture.

Up until 1952 the field was part of Green Farm and at that time extended west to the cul de sac before the addition of the houses: 23A, Orchard House, Hill Cottage