how many ways to spell Combroke ?

What's in a Name?

Date Description/Reference Spelling
1217 Place names of Warwickshire Cumbroc(e)
1596  Dugdale Reference Cumbrok
1610 County of Warwick Map John Speede Combroke
1637  Warwickshire Map in W Camden’s Britannia Cumbroke
1658  Church Flagon Combebrook
1724  Warwickshire map by Herman Moll Combrok
1736 Compton Verney: map by James Fish Combrook
1772 Inclosure Act Combrooke
1818 Compton Verney: map by Paul Pedley Combrook
1840 First series Ordnance Survey maps Combrooke
1837 Estate Agent poster for sale of cottages Combroke
1848 Receipt for sale of land Combrooke
1891 Ordnance Survey map Combrook
1966 Village School ( from 1641- 1966 ) Combroke
1984 by Order of 1973 Education Act 
Transfer of School Endowment Trust Combroke
2002 Severn Trent Treatment works Combrooke
Today County Highways, Royal Mail, OS Combrook
Today Village entrance signs Combroke
Today Fosse Way and  B4086 signposts Combrook
Today Parish Council and Church Combroke