significant events

Significant Events

1st Century AD        Fosse Way constructed

1st Century AD        Substantial Roman villa established at Brookhampton
400 - 1100               People lived in dispersed hamlets and farmsteads rather than a
                                    single village

1125/1150              Combrook chapel consecrated

1233                         Henry de Trublevill "had livery of his lands in Combrook and

1348-50                   Black Death – English population reduced by 1.5 million from
                                   around 4 million

1435                         Richard Verney acquires Compton Murdak

~1450                      Conversion of Estates in the area to sheep pasture

1491                         Compton Murdak renamed Compton Verney

1641                         School established by 

1677                         The Manor of Brookhampton and Combrook bought by Ambrose 

1772                         Inclosure Act covering Combrooke Field

1823                         Combrook bought by Compton Verney estate

1828                         Combrook Water extended to current dam behind Keepers       

1851                         New School Building

1860                         Stone Well head, locally known as fountain, erected (Chestnut

1860                         Estate cottage built

1866                         Church extended and modified

1895                         Population of Combrook is 295

1921                         Compton Verney Estate sold by Willoughby de Broke family

1929                         Compton Verney Estate broken up following death of Lord
                                   Manton (Joseph Watson)

1952                         Leys Field sold off from Green Farm

1962                         V Bomber crashes in nearby woods

1966                         Village School Closed

1989                         Village Hall Lease signed by Parish Council to be managed by
                                   elected Village Hall Commitee

2013                         Leys Field bought by Parish Council on behalf of the village with
                                   significant support from Lottery Heritage Fund and substantial
                                   funds raised from village residents