pre Romans

The people living in the Combrook area in pre-Roman times were the "Dubunni".

This large tribe lived in the southern part of the Severn Valley and the Cotswolds and were one of the few groups to issue coins before the Roman Conquest.

The main distribution of these coins shows that the Dubunni occupied or ruled an area as far south as the Mendips, and the coins also hint that the group was divided into northern and southern subgroups.

The Dubunni lived in very fertile farmland in farms and small villages. They did not resist the Roman Conquest, unlike their neighbours, the Silures.

They may have been one of the first tribes to submit to the Romans, even before the Romans reached their territory.

The Dubunni had a central or important settlement at Bagendon in Gloucester, on the eastern edge of their territory. This centre was replaced by the important Roman city of Cirencester, which became the capital of the "Dubunnic civitas" after the Roman Conquest.